Bard’s Tale Beer Company has dedicated themselves to one thing, brewing a gluten free beer that is indistinguishable from traditional beer and can be enjoyed by all! The Bard’s founders, diagnosed with celiac disease, experimented with many gluten free grains and brewing processes before settling upon sorghum.  Not commercially available, they took the extra step to malt the sorghum themselves, just like barley is malted in traditional beer, to provide the flavor, aroma and color beer lovers demand.  Bard’s refreshing lager is brewed in New York State and shipped across North America finding a welcome home here in Ontario!

Popular Craft Beers by Bard’s

Bard’s The Original Sorghum Malt Beer

There are no lulls in a Bard’s conversation, only pauses for drinking. Why? Because Bard’s is brewed in the knowledge that a barstool is a pulpit and a round pub table is, well, a roundtable. As the original gluten-free sorghum beer and the only beer that’s brewed with malted sorghum, this nigh-magical formula appeals to anyone who likes goodness, freedom and cmaraderie. Let us rise as one – and then sit back down and solve the world’s problems over a Bard’s!

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