What Is North American Craft?

We are a Sales Agency and Importer specializing in representing Canadian and American craft producers of beer, spirits, ciders, coolers and wine in Ontario’s LCBO, The Beer Store, & Grocery Stores. Our clients are independent, are focused on producing craft-level quality products, and many of them work closely with farmers and producers local to their facilities.

Why Sell Beer In Ontario?

With over 13 million people in Ontario, we make up nearly 40% of Canada’s population. Much of that is centered around the GTA making Toronto the fastest growing craft beer market in Canada. With more than 650 LCBOs and 450 The Beer Store locations across the province we have incredible distribution, and now with grocery store beer sales expanding consistently, our distribution grows with each new grocery store!

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What Can North American Craft Do For Your Company?

North American Craft offers all the services necessary for your beverage alcohol products to be successful in Ontario retail markets. Click these services or keep scrolling to learn more:

Beverage Alcohol Sales & Marketing

Ontario’s craft alcohol retail market exists primarily in the LCBO, The Beer Store, and Grocery Stores. North American Craft navigates all of the ins and outs of listing, promoting and selling your products in LCBO, The Beer Store, and Grocery Store locations across Ontario. Click below for detail of how North American Craft can manage your beverage alcohol sales & marketing:


Your Advocate at LCBO stores across Ontario (click for details...)

LCBO Sales

We constantly strive to get more shelf space at each LCBO location. Once approved by the LCBO head office, you then have to convince every individual LCBO to bring you on. This is an increasingly competitive market so having sales reps with good relationships with each store is a must.

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LCBO Marketing

Tastings, Displays, Limited Time Offers & more at LCBO stores across Ontario (click for details...)


We apply, staff, and organize consumer tasting events at various beneficial LCBO locations. As well as in store promotions such as End Aisle Displays, Bonus Air Mile programs, and Limited Time Offers.

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Your Advocate at The Beer Store locations across Ontario to increase Your Beer Sales (click for details...)


We coach our suppliers on which The Beer Store locations are worth buying into, and then manage those stores for enticing shelf space, ensuring brands with uniform marketing are grouped together, and promoting sale pricing or other marketing initiatives between our suppliers and The Beer Store.

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Your Gateway to Grocery Store Beer Sales in Ontario (click for details...)


Our grocery calls consist of maximizing shelf space, consulting with grocery store managers about upcoming sales and programming, ensuring your product is fresh and up to date, educating store staff on your beers to better recommend them to customers.

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Inventory Management

North American Craft carefully tracks your product inventory in a variety of stages to ensure that LCBO, The Beer Store, & Grocery Store locations are receiving fresh product, that we minimize stock outs, and that our clients are producing sufficient amounts of their products.

Business Plan Development

For any craft beer brewery, craft distiller or other independent producer of alcoholic beverages that is new to the Ontario craft market or considering a change, North American Craft can offer a wealth of experience in creating, implementing, and maintaining a successful business plan for your brands in the Ontario retail alcohol market.

Sale Of Data

We purchase and organize the LCBO, The Beer Store, and Grocery Store sale information of the craft beer, spirits, wine and ready-to-drink product we represent. This allows us to Track Sales on an individual store basis to identify selling opportunities, market trends, and address potential risks.