Double Trouble Brewing Co.

Double Trouble Brewing was started by two friends with a passion for great local beer. Having been almost forced by their local bartender to sample some local beers, they were forever changed! Look for this troublesome duo’s delicious brews: Hops and Robbers IPA, Prison Break Pilsner, and Fire in the Rye Roasted Pale Ale (RPA) at your local LCBO or Self-Serve Beer Store.

Popular Craft Products by Double Trouble Brewing Co.

Double Trouble’s Fire in the Rye

Un-filtered and single hopped with centennial. Our Single Hopped, Roasted Rye Pale ale has landed! Fire in the Rye combines the smouldering aroma of rye with the floral notes of centennial hops. Landing at a flavourful 60 IBU’s, this is our boldest beer yet! We hope you love Fire in the Rye as much as we do. The Extra Delicious truth is out there!

Double Trouble’s Hops & Robbers IPA

Weighing in at 50 IBU’s, this is a golden IPA with an exceptionally rich and complex character. Fruity aromas of lemon with hints of pineapple combine crisply with toasty caramel flavours and a tasty malt backbone. Dry hopping with cascade hops ensures more hop aromatics are retained in the finished beer. Made with pride and panache, Double Trouble Brewing’s flagship brand Hops & Robbers is refreshingly delicious.

Double Trouble’s Prison Break Pilsner

Locked into drinking the same old lagers? Aged for 30 days, Prison Break Pilsner’s unconfined flavour demonstrates just how good a lager can taste. Full of aromatic and balanced hopping for maximum flavor security. This Breakout Pilsner will surely set your palate free of uninspiring lagers. We hope you run with our Prison Break Pilsner.

Grow a Pear Cider

Our refreshing cider is proof that good things come in pears. Grow a Pear is a crisp semi-sweet pear cider, crafted from 100% Ontario pears – not from concentrate. Its fantastic flavour pairs perfectly with appetizers, cheeses, bbq’d meats and grilled vegetables. So why not Grow a Pear and enjoy a real cider for a change?